Jogging Trail Thoughts

Thoughts from the jogging trail in Memorial Park:

It’s amazing where your mind runs, if you head out for the jogging trail, but forget to bring your headphones. So walking in silence today, these are some of the things I thought about.

On the jogging trail, you see people who are fit, heavy, tall, short, fashionable, frumpy–but they are all connected by their task. They are all doing something to be active and healthy. Some are running fast, others are slowly trudging along. Some are T-rex runners (arms bent at the elbows at 135-degree angles, with claw-like hands held at shoulder height), others are cow-tail runners (arms dangling and flopping around behind them, like a cow’s tail swatting at flies). There are strollers, and there are speed walkers. This made me think about some of the work I do with my clients. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how you approach the issue–all that matters is that you set about to accomplish the task at hand. If you do that, you will make progress, at a rate that is appropriate for you.

You are not “broken” or “damaged” you are just stuck.

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